Veterinarian Conference Recap

At Evolution Dog Wash we’ve always had a real passion for dogs that extends throughout our personal lives.

One of the reasons we created our revolutionary self serve dog wash was to make washing a dog easier for the many dog shelters and veterinarians who most often encounter neglected dogs. When we went to sell dog washes and wash shelter dogs at NAVC Conference for veterinarians in Florida earlier this year – our owner’s family, wound up adopting Riley and Napoleon, two of the shelter dogs we washed.


Riley and Napoleon both happen to be Yorkies which are one of the pure-breeds most exploited by puppy mills and often neglected by those who are only interested in having the latest trendy breed or exotic mix. Many of the people who buy dogs have good intentions, but don’t know how to love and care for a dog. We feel it’s important that people know that “owning” or more appropriately “adopting” a dog is a life-long commitment to love, train, and tolerate personalities just like you would for any living being.


It’s estimated that there are 2.11 million puppies sold that came from puppy mills each year, and 3 million are killed in shelters annually because they can’t find homes.

Now onto the newest members of our dog family.

Riley was abused by his previous owner, but just look at his recovery!

Napoleon has bad teeth, vision issues, and bad knees and just needed a loving home to finish out his golden years. Staring into his eyes, you can see he’s an old soul with a happy easy-going personality.

Gary M. Sherman, Founder and Creator the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash also created and lobbied for

The Adopt A Shelter Pet License Plate which is the second largest revenue grossing license plate in Colorado’s history, and it’s all for the animals!

Gary’s wife Tiffini is Founder and President at

@WesternVeterinaryConf #veterinarians  #adoptashelterpet #adoptapet

Why We’re Thankful for Our Dogs

dog-in-self-serve-dog-washAs we start into the new year, at Evolution Dog Wash, we always like to take a step back and think about all we have to be thankful for in our lives.

When we’re counting our blessings, one of the things we’re most thankful for are our furry friends. Our dogs are like family members to us, and we know you feel the same way.

In this month’s blog, we thought it would be beneficial to look at the history of dogs and how they first became domesticated, and also to look at the science behind why dogs are so loyal and lovable.


Brief History About Dogs


Dogs are actually the first recorded domesticated animals, and more than ten thousand years ago, humans began to look at these animals as companions as they evolved from wolves to become much more docile and less fearful animals.

The exact time that wolves began to be domesticated is a bit of a mystery. Some scientists claim it was around 10,000 years ago, while others claim it was as long as 30,000 years ago. Whenever dogs began to be domesticated, there’s no doubt that generation after generation of our forefathers enjoyed their dogs in the same ways that we do today.


Why we Love our Dogs?


There are countless reasons why we can’t get enough of our dogs. A few of the reasons include:



Yep, that’s right – oxytocin. When humans and dogs look in each other’s eyes, both get a boost of the hormone oxytocin, which is the same hormone that creates a strong bond between new parents and their babies.


A Loyal Exercise Partner

As we look to make our new year’s resolutions, many of us will attempt to become more fit in the new year. While some of your friends may quickly fall off the bandwagon when it comes to making their way to the gym, or hiking trails, your dog will always be there for you to push you along as you look to get in better shape this year.


Nothing like a Dog’s Love

There is nothing quite like coming home to a dog who is eagerly standing by the door awaiting your entrance. When you walk in the door your dog likely will greet you with licks and hugs, and is just the perfect remedy after a long and stressful day.


Dogs can be Your Snuggle Partner

If you’re feeling down after a bad breakup, or just simply tired from a long work week, your dog will always be there to cheer you up and let you know that you matter to them.


Constantly Changing

In the same way that we as humans are constantly changing as we grow older, dogs change in much the same ways. Puppies are clumsy, lovable and all over the place, while as dogs age they become much more calm and docile. Each stage is enjoyable and it’s why dogs have become such steadfast companions.


Give Your Dog an Extra Hug To Show Your Thanks

As we think of all we have to be thankful for in our great country, it’s important to also recognize our furry friends. Our dogs are always there for us and never lose hope in us as caretakers and are always available when we need them. What more could you ask for in a companion or a friend?

Check Out Evolution Dog Wash at The Miami New Construction Show and The 2016 FAA Conference and Trade Show

While the fall is bringing cooler temps to most of the country, things are just heating up at Evolution Dog Wash as we approach the end of the summer this year. Because our state of the art self serve Evolution Dog Wash is not just another dog wash, we are always eager to have the opportunity to bring the Evolution Dog Wash system to different locations so people can see our high quality dog wash first-hand and learn more about what the team here are all about.


edwframe0036Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash State-Of-The Art Features:

At Evolution Dog Wash, we take our relationships with clients seriously, and regard you as not only a customer, but also a business partner. We are always working to improve the features of The Evolution Dog Wash not just for efficiency, but so that businesses can improve their income and their service to their clients. Just a few of the great helpful technological additions to the Evolution Dog Wash include:


  • The Evolution’s Real Time Monitoring gives business owners live data so they can track their machine’s income, product levels, and operating status.
  • Our dog wash features a user-friendly interface with cascading lighted buttons so that your users can use the dog wash machine with ease and no frustration.
  • Our clients appreciate our 3-D model which is helpful for ordering your Evolution Dog Wash and for installation.


Fall 2016 Will Bring Evolution Dog Wash To Conferences

We are excited this fall to have the opportunity to attend a few major conferences where we look forward to allowing attendees to get a first-hand look at the great features of the Evolution Dog Wash. At these conferences, people get the chance to not only see the Evolution Dog Wash, but they can also ask questions and learn all about how our dog wash system can work in various ways to benefit their specific business. You can find us at the following conferences:


  • Miami New Construction Show on September 29-October 1, 2016 at the Broward Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale. At this premier real estate show, visitors can experience all of South Florida’s real estate market and see various real estate projects. You’ll be able to visit with prominent developers, investors, real estate specialists, and other industry-related professionals.


  • The 2016 FAA Conference and Trade Show on October 5-7, 2016 at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. Visit us along with over 750 multifamily housing industry professionals to make connections in the industry, share insights, and to learn from a number of keynote speakers.


Does A Self Serve Dog Wash Make Sense For Your Business?

Apartment communities and other multi family communities see the Evolution Dog Wash as a popular amenity that residents appreciate. Other types of businesses that use our dog wash system include car washes, vet clinics, pet stores, and travel centers. Visit our partners page to get even more ideas. If you’d like to learn more about how the Evolution Dog Wash can help your business earn more income while improving your customer service, visit us at one of the conferences listed above, or feel free to call us anytime at 1-800-426-0760.



The Luxury Dog Spa Trend Invades America!

Dog-Spa-TrendsWe all need our downtime on occasion, and when it’s time for us to relax or get away, we might take a vacation to the beach or mountains, or head to the spa for a day of relaxation and pampering. But when your pooch has had enough of the ‘dog’ life, have you considered where to send your pup for a little pampering? Check out these trendy luxury pet resorts and spas with the finest of amenities that are nice enough to tempt even their guest’s human owners.


Chauffeur Service For Your Pup

At D Pet Hotels in New York CIty, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale, your pooch can get a ride that drops him off at the spa’s front door. But this isn’t just any ordinary ride, you can expect your dog to be riding in style in a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, or Bentley…you’re getting the idea here, right? Within this 10,000 square foot luxury resort and spa for pets awaits spacious furnished suites with posh bedding and flat screen TVs. During the day, dogs can work out on treadmills and agility equipment with personal trainers, snack on doggy treats, enjoy relaxing music during chill time and a photo session, and get the usual menu of spa services such as massages, thermal wraps, baths, and pawdicures.


Movies For Fido

Among the usual over-the-top spa amenities, Fetch Club, a posh New York dog spa offers meals prepared in their restaurant’s kitchen, and comfy organic beds on which your posh pup can relax while watching a classic canine movie in a good-enough-for-humans movie screening cave. Daytime activities at this ultra high end dog spa include weight training, personal trainers, and treadmills that include individual TVs. Yes, we are still talking about DOG spas!


Pet Parties Are The Latest Trend

Celebrating a special occasion? How about throwing a party for your pooch and his friends? Pussy and Pooch in various California locations offers high-end party packages for up to 10 pet friends and 25 human friends. Everyday luxuries, spa services, pet grooming, playtime, training and exercise, and dental appointments are offered alongside high end pet boutique items and specialty food that is for sale.


The Perfect Amenity For Your Dog Spa Business

Are you looking for ways to improve the dog spa services that you offer your clients? There are many businesses that are enjoying the appeal of the Evolution Dog Wash as it meets so many different needs. Click here to visit our website to take a look at the different types of industries that are enjoying dog washing efficiency, which allows them to increase revenues while improving their services to clients. The Evolution Dog Wash is an ideal way for just about any type of business to increase business, and the return on investment can be achieved relatively quickly.


Take A Closer Look At The Evolution Dog Wash Today

Contact Evolution Dog Wash today at 800-426-0760 if you have questions or would like more information. Or, if you would like take a first-hand look, find an Evolution Dog Wash near you.



The Many Benefits of Bathing Your Dog

Beagle take a summer bath

Many people still believe that you shouldn’t bathe a dog more than once or twice a month, but that is an old myth that simply isn’t true. The fact is that bathing your dog at least once a week, and sometimes even more for health and/or comfort reasons, has many benefits, both to you and to your furry friend.

Choosing a Shampoo

One of the most important aspects of bathing your dog is choosing a shampoo. It’s crucial to find one that won’t dry out your dog’s skin or coat. There are three types of dog shampoos currently available on the market.

1. Typical Chemical Based Shampoo. These usually contain chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, preservatives, petroleum, animal bi-products, detergents and a host of other things that any pet parent would cringe at if they only took the time to read the label.
2. Natural Shampoo. These use as few chemicals and those other things mentioned above as possible, if any at all. Instead they made of more natural ingredients essences of fragrant oils, natural cleansers and purified water. Even though these shampoos are significantly more natural than their alternatives, they can still have some of the chemicals in them, since the term “natural” isn’t really defined in legal terms. However, most of these are not tested on animals but are used on dogs by the manufacturer to ensure the product’s safety.
3. Certified Organic Shampoo. These shampoos are designed to be safe for the environment, cost effective, and formulated to be gentle on your dog with frequent usage. They often even come in plastic containers that contain PET (polyethylene terephthalate) rather than the potentially more harmful BPA (bisphenol A).

Your veterinarian is a good place to start when researching which shampoo to use on your dog, but over all, any pet parent will agree that the more natural and organic the shampoo, the better it is for your dog and for you.

Here are 5 Reasons Frequent Bathing Benefits Your Dog:

1. If your dog is trained to enjoy bath time, the experience will be as pleasant as a game of fetch, going for a car ride or any other activity your dog likes doing.

2. Bathing is one more opportunity for a positive interaction with your dog that will work toward strengthening your human-animal bond.

3. Bathing removes dirt and odors from skin and coat.

4. Frequent bathing can help heal inflamed or infected skin.

5. Bathing your dog at certain times can help prevent/treat many health conditions.

a. For dogs with allergies, giving the dog a bath before giving it a corticosteroid or an antihistamine can actually reduce or completely eliminate the need for their following dose(s) by relieving the itching. This helps your dog in the long-term, because the less they use those kinds of medications, the fewer side effects they will have to endure.
b. For dogs with bacterial, fungal or yeast infections, mange or ringworm, frequent bathing helps kill the infectious organisms and parasites. In most cases, bathing these dogs often enough can completely eliminate the need for any medication at all.
c. For dogs with skin infections, contact time between skin, hair and shampoo is very important. The longer the shampoo stays on, the more the greater its killing action. Ideally, leaving it on for 30 minutes would be best, but if you can keep the shampoo on for a minimum of ten with a realistic goal of 15 – 20 minutes, it would go a long way to help fight your dog’s skin infection.
d. For dogs with skin diseases, it’s best to bathe them every one to two days to get the problem under control and then several times a week until the skin has healed.

Two Great Reasons Bathing Your Dog Benefits YOU:

1. Your dog could be making you sick. Now, you might be wondering how you, the pet parent, can benefit from frequently bathing your dog. Some dogs love bath time, and others would rather walk through fire then stick even one paw in water. However, the health benefits for pet parents will often far out way the hassle of making your dog endure those soapy suds. Research has shown that people who bathe their dogs more frequently suffer fewer allergies and catch fewer illnesses and suffer less respiratory infections. Bacteria, fungi and allergens can all become trapped in your dog’s coat that he then brings into your home and leaves behind on every surface he touches, such as your couch and your bed. So the next time you feel a sniffle coming on, don’t just remember to wash your own hands, but think of your dog’s paws (and the rest of him/her) too.
2. Cleaner Home Environment. It’s easy to see how keeping your dog clean can add to having a cleaner home. Nobody likes muddy paw prints or a bad odor spreading through their house or apartment. Bathing your dog at regular, frequent intervals helps ensure that they do their part in maintaining a comfortable, clean and safe living environment for both humans and animals, alike.

Spring Brings New Model, eCommerce Store and Website for Evolution Dog Wash


At Evolution Dog Wash, we have some exciting news to share as we welcome in Spring! Even though our Evolution Dog Wash system is considered the “gold standard” dog wash in the industry, we’re not resting on our laurels. We are constantly working on ideas of how we can expand our product line to benefit our partners, and we never stop looking for ways to improve our products with features that provide both our business partners and our pets with added benefits. This Spring, we are excited to announce that Evolution Dog Wash has news on both fronts: We have introduced a new model of Evolution Dog Wash, and we’ve made an eCommerce improvement that will enhance your customer experience with us!


Introducing A New Model Of The Evolution Dog Wash

The newest Evolution Dog Wash model, the Evolution EZ is ideal for those who want a more affordable version of the Evolution Dog Wash, without losing the features that make the Evolution Dog Wash the best in the world. The Evolution EZ is constructed using the same 304B Aircraft-quality stainless steel material as the original, and includes the same one-year warranty, and interactive 3D modeling, but does away with touch screen controls and additional electronic functionality to save your business money up front, while still helping you generate income.


The New Evolution EZ & CE Dog Wash Models For Your Business

With the Evolution EZ, customers will benefit from our triple-filtration drain system, contoured non-skid platform, low maintenance easy-to-clean basin, and they’ll be able to use all the same conditioning, shampooing, drying, and specialty treatments as our other models. Since the new Evolution EZ functions just as any other Evolution Dog Wash machine, minus the electronic controls and monitoring, we expect businesses such as veterinary clinics and smaller apartment complexes to get the best use out of the new EZ model. For businesses that like the savings of the Evolution EZ, but would require an add-on feature such as a credit card reader or coin and token acceptor, those additional options are still available with the new EZ model.

For our overseas customers, we’re proud to offer the updated Evolution CE Dog Wash model. This updated model offers all of the features you’ve become accustomed to from our U.S. model, but with additional support for a variety of European currencies.


Purchasing Supplies and Evolution Dog Wash Machine Parts Just Got Easier

We are proud to now offer online shopping as part of our website. Now our customers can conveniently order supplies by the bottle or by the case using our new online store. And ordering additional or replacement parts just became easier with our eCommerce store where customers can buy anything from additional tokens and leash attachments to replacement pressure gauges. Of course, you can still contact us at anytime if you need customer service assistance.


Learn More About The Evolution Dog Wash System

We are excited about expanding our line without compromising the quality of our dog wash system or our customer’s experience. Use our online form or call Evolution Dog Wash today at 1-800-426-0760 to learn more about our premier dog wash system and how it can benefit your business.

Top Amenities for Long-Distance Drivers at Truck Stops

Photo courtesy of White's Travel Center

Photo courtesy of White’s Travel Center


In the age of “Cyber Monday” and virtual coupons, online shopping has slowly begun to edge out the drudgery of shopping in-store. We tend to see online shopping as easier, faster, and a welcome respite from the crowds during the season. Rarely do we think to peek behind the scenes…but there they are anyway, perhaps Santa’s most tireless helpers, the professional truck drivers who haul gifts from warehouses in droves for holiday shoppers.

It can’t be easy driving a truck around at all hours, for extended periods of time. One source of comfort and companionship for professional drivers is a pet, usually a dog…but with a dog, drivers have to contend with caring for him or her, even when they’re traveling. Luckily, there are systems like the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash to ease some of the stress of caring for a pet on the go.

Lisa Markham, the Director of Marketing at White’s Travel Center, a popular stop for drivers, spoke with us about the key amenities White’s provides for road-weary travelers—including the Evolution Dog Wash.

Is there an increase in long-distance drivers at White’s during the holiday season?

No, or at least, not much. Truck drivers are on the road, typically—it’s their job. We’re not a vacation or holiday destination. We don’t see an increase.

What kinds of amenities does White’s provide for travelers?

Well, quite a bit! Some of the many amenities we offer:

  • Free parking (with a shuttle between the distant parking lots and the Travel Center)
  • Paid parking
  • Showers
  • Restaurants, including Iron Skillet; White’s Deli; Popeye’s; Caribou Coffee; Subway; and Burger King.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A pharmacy called The Medicine Shoppe®
  • A doctor on premises—Raphine Medical Associates serves professional drivers, as well as the public at large.

We also have some very exciting announcements for the 2016: We’re adding 300 more parking spots, a campground—not necessarily a driver’s amenity, but an amenity nonetheless—and a walking path, “StayFit”—which will be close to our pet exercise area. We’re very in-tune with drivers and their pets. “StayFit” will be nice for drivers who want to stretch and walk around, especially with their pets! Read more about White’s Travel Center News here. 

Wow! And do many long-distance drivers travel with dogs or other companion animals?

According to Road King—keep in mind that the article is from 2013; it’s two years old—over 45% of American households have dogs. More than 60% of truck drivers report having pets; more than 40% report traveling with them in their trucks.

How has the EVOLUTION Dog Wash benefited truck drivers and other long-distance travelers?

We have! It just opened on September 16th of 2015. We think it will really pick up and continue to grow—it already is growing. Many locals are also coming to wash their dogs. It’s beneficial to the community—not just the driver.

MF Amenity Competition Heats Up

CHICAGO—Multifamily developers once considered it sufficient to include a pool and clubhouse in new communities, but renters and buyers alike are beginning to expect more, and 2016 should see increased competition among builders to provide unique amenities.

“We’re seeing an evolution to more emphasis on overall wellness rather than strictly entertainment and recreation,” David Kennedy, principal at KTGY Architecture + Planning’s Chicago/Midwest office, tells “And this is not just happening on the East Coast or West Coast; it’s a national phenomenon.”
“Our lives are so connected now that sometimes we need some separation between our home lives and hectic work lives,” he adds, and developers who can provide that separation will have a leg up on the competition.  “It’s great to have a party room, but it’s also essential to let residents have quiet spaces.”
Crescent Heights’ Walton on the Park apartment tower in downtown Chicago, for example, features a seventh-floor meditation garden. And Waterton included a new outdoor Zen garden in its redevelopment of the 1980’s-era Presidential Towers.
“We’re finding residents value substance over flash and are more likely to appreciate the many uses for a garden, such as meditation, yoga or reading, over a single-purpose space like a screening room,” says David Schwartz, chief executive officer of Waterton, which owns and manages nearly 20,000 apartments across the US. As reported in, the company recently combined its apartment and hospitality sectors, partly to help the apartment side tap into the expertise hospitality executives have in providing amenities.
Kennedy recently toured a new community where the developer reserved an entire floor for amenities.  “They could have put more units in there, but they opted not to,” and as the multifamily market continues to boom, he expects to see more developers to take this option. “After a while, all of these new buildings, even if they are in great locations, will begin to look alike, and they need someting that sets them apart.”
Related Midwest has decided to take the concept one step further for One Bennett Park, its new hybrid condo/apartment tower at 451 E. Grand Ave., and include an adjacent 1.7-acre public park. The company plans to complete the project in 2017.
“The tower and park are named after Edward H. Bennett, co-author of the Plan of Chicago, which stressed the importance of green spaces in the cityscape,” says Curt Bailey, president of Related Midwest. “More than a century later, this balance is as important as ever.”

Source: Competition on MF Amenities to Increase By Brian J. Rogal | Chicago

Why Dogs Love Us and Why We Love Our Dogs

Couple with cute dog spending time on the beachThe relationship between man and the domesticated dog has a long history going back an estimated 18,000 to 23,000 years. Humans are the only animals said to keep other animals as pets. Have you ever spent much time thinking about our relationship with dogs?  Why do we enjoy our furry friends so much? Do dogs enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs? How has this relationship lasted for thousands and thousands of years? In this article, discover how it all started, and why it is that humans and dogs have had such a long-standing relationship.


The Roots Of The Relationship

Did you know that there have been many scientific research studies researching the relationship between dog and man? Of course, it is not exactly clear how long ago man began a domesticated relationship with dogs. One study that was published in May 21, 2015 by scientists at the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School reported that it appears that today’s domesticated dogs have ancestral roots to multiple wolf populations. One idea of speculation is that our ancestors may have first domesticated wolves because they were useful when it came to hunting. The wolves may have gradually became companions as humans tamed them, and then they eventually evolved into dogs.


Why Do We Love Our Dogs?

Besides the obvious reasons of adoration that include words such as “cute”, “fluffy”, “tail wagging”, and “cuddly”, what are the deep-rooted reasons that humans love dogs? Scientists in Japan have learned that there is actually a scientific explanation for why we have loved dogs for thousands of years.


The Science Behind Our Love Of Dogs

The Azabu University School of Veterinary Medicine in Sagamihara, Japan discovered that when humans gaze into the eyes of dogs, a “love hormone” called oxytocin spikes in humans. Oxytocin is considered one of the most important bonding mechanisms in humans. Without oxytocin, evolutionary bonding, trust, and affection would not be possible. One study had dogs and their owners interact for 30 minutes. After this time, the researchers tested oxytocin levels in both the dog’s and human’s urine. Surprisingly, it was found that the oxytocin levels in humans increased.


Do Dogs Love Humans?

We already know that dogs enjoy the companionship of humans, but did you know that dogs enjoy gazing into the eyes of humans?  The study revealed that the more dogs gazed into the eyes of humans, the more pleasure and feelings of adoration the dogs experienced. The scientists tested the dogs by spraying either oxytocin or saline into their canine subjects. Each dog was placed in a room with its owner and 2 strangers. The study found that dogs who were sprayed using oxytocin spent significantly more time gazing into their owner’s eyes than they did the others. Consequently, the level of oxytocin increased in the owners.


The Future For Dogs And Humans

These studies open the door to further research about topics such as, why dogs are useful as therapy dogs. Could it be due to the oxytocin connection? And why is it that the oxytocin reaction has not been observed between other species? As far as the dog/human bond goes, if you’ve ever wondered how your dog truly feels about you, now you know: dogs really do love humans as deeply as we love them.


Dogs Rule At Evolution Dog Wash

At Evolution Dog Wash we know that dogs are important family members. And now we know the science behind understanding how important we are to our dogs as well! When you think about how much we care about and for our dogs, and just how much the pet care industry offers for dogs, did we really need science to prove that to us? Probably not, but it’s good to know that our dogs truly do love us back!

Evolution Dog Wash Is ADA Compliant

ADA-Compliant-Dog-WashNot only is the Evolution Dog Wash built to be convenient for our pets, but in order to accommodate those with disabilities and limited mobility, the Evolution Dog Wash is designed to be accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities.


As the “gold standard” in self serve dog washes, we are proud of what our Evolution Dog Wash system offers today. Although the Evolution Dog Wash features the absolute latest in what is available and possible with technology, we are constantly looking at ways to improve and update our machines to the benefit of the users, their pets, and the owners of the machines.  The Evolution Dog Wash is now ADA Compliant, which means that our dog wash machines meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and this is welcome news to many people.


Who Benefits From ADA Compliant Dog Wash Machines?

Being ADA compliant gives easier access of the Evolution Dog Wash machines to those who use wheelchairs or who have limited mobility. Owners of therapy dogs and guide dogs who are disabled will appreciate being able to easily use the Evolution Dog Wash, thus providing them with a bit more independence in their lives. Those with limited mobility will appreciate not having to lean or bend down to wash their dogs using the ADA Compliant Evolution Dog Wash machine.


Evolution Dog Wash Features

The Evolution Dog Wash is designed for ease of use and convenience, which benefits all individuals. While your dog stands on a non-skid contoured platform, there’s no need to strain and bend because of a conveniently located extendable shower spray. Hair and water flow underneath the platform and through a triple filtered drain. Our dog wash can be used for shampooing, conditioning, treating dogs with specialty treatments such as flea and tick shampoos, and even drying.


Evolution Dog Wash Makes For A Quick Clean Up

Because all the models of the Evolution Dog Wash are made of Aircraft quality stainless steel, clean up is a breeze. All that is needed to clean the dog wash is a quick lifting of the platform, which rests on a kickstand, and a simple hosing down. Any hair in the tub is easy to access and can simply be removed by hand, and any further hair and residue that flows down through the triple filter drainage trap, can be removed with the trap which is convenient and easy to lift out and empty, when necessary. The tub can be easily and quickly disinfected with a quick spray and rinse solution.


More Locations And Opportunities To Find The Evolution Dog Wash

An ADA compliant dog wash means that there are so many more ideal locations to consider housing an Evolution Dog Wash system.  Locations and facilities that are frequented by those with therapy dogs can provide a valuable service to therapy dog owners while benefitting from the extra business at the same time. To learn about how the Evolution Dog Wash can help your business see more revenue and growth, we invite you to call our team today at 800-426-0760.